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Whether you want to replace your roof with a similar material or upgrade for an improved appearance or performance, JW Roofing Services will explain all of your options, giving you the benefit of our expertise and years of experience.


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Asphalt composition shingles

Also known as fiberglass shingles, this is a popular choice because of it’s initial low cost. Available in a variety of grades, styles, weights and thicknesses.

Asphalt roof benefits

Low Cost | Up 15 year lifetime | Durable & waterproof



Wood shingles and shake Roofs

We offer Class A and B treated fire rated materials that are both lightweight and walkable. We’ll help you check your local building codes and homeowners insurance before we install to make sure this is an approved material.

Shingles and shake benefits

Variety of styles | 50 Year Lifetime | No rusting



Concrete and clay tile roofs

The lowest initial cost of the premium category of roofing materials, tiles come in many attractive styles and colors.

Tile roof benefits

Fire resistant | Extremely Durable | Affordable & Stylish


Stone coated tile steel roofs

Stone-coated steel tiles and shakes are the fastest growing segment of materials sales in the industry. With the lowest life cycle cost of the premium roofing materials. Metal roofs are also lightweight, sustainable, energy efficient and fully walkable. Not to mention, they have the longest lifespan, best fire rating, best wind rating and come in a variety of styles and colors.

Steel roof benefits

Superior protection | Variety of styles & designs | Built to last 


Low slope roofs and flat roofing

JW Roofing Services simplifies the flat roof selection process for your residential or commercial building. We’ll work with you to understand the importance of selecting the right roof material and ensure quality workmanship for your new roof.

Flat roof benefits

Easier to inspect | Lower installation costs | Seamless integration


Photovoltaic solar panels

Lower your electric bill and enjoy the benefits of clean, free solar energy. We can advise you about federal tax credits and regional rebates that may be available in your area.

Solar Panel Benefits

Saves you money | Helps the environment | Energy reliability